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Reasons Why You Should Consider Write Life Publications For Your Next Project(s):


  1.  You get an expert or a team of experts.

Unlike typical staffing agencies that must hunt for and locate the right candidate(s) for your project(s) (fingers crossed), we already have a team of experts in place.  When you partner with Write Life Publications, you get a combination of seasoned technical writing consultants, graphic designers, editors, developers, and system engineers who pull together to learn about and document your products and/or processes. Our multi-disciplined approach enables us to provide our customers with a powerful technical writing team that delivers solid results.

  2.  You save money.

Our low overhead cost structure and proven streamlined processes means lower overall project costs for our customers. In fact, when performing an apples-to-apples comparison between our services and other competitors, we save our customers an average of 10% on each project.

Do you already have a quote from a competing service solution provider? Let us know, and we will let you know if we can beat the quote provided!

Are you considering just hiring an employee instead? If so, take into account the following expenses incurred for bringing at least one employee on-site to accomplish your tasks:

Personal Expenses per Employee:

•  Insurance – Health, dental, life insurance?

•  Vacation/Sick/Personal – A minimum of 14 days plus holidays?

•  Retirement – Do you match retirement, 3%, 6% or more?

Resources per Employee:

  Software – Are you aware of type and cost of software required, including licensing and maintenance fees?

  Training – Does your prospective employee require training on the latest software?

•  Computer equipment – Are you prepared to invest in the right mix of computer equipment?

•  Office – Have you considered the cost of office space, desk(s), chairs, phones, supplies, heating and air conditioning, and more?

We already have all of the necessary resources in place to complete your project efficiently and effectively.

In the end, partnering with us as your technical writing firm may cost less than an in-house employee.

  3.  You can scale your team up or down as needed based on services required.

If you have an influx of new work that has to be accomplished, our established team can handle the additional workload. Whether you need to increase productivity to handle multiple projects, or scale down to handle just a few projects, we can accommodate your needs as required.

  4.  You get an extension of your sales, support, and development teams.

Sales, support, and development teams frequently refer to product documentation that our team has produced in order to respond to questions that may arise from different stakeholders. For example, sales teams refer to documentation when customers have specific pre-sales, upgrade, or general questions about the functionality or user-friendliness of their products. Support teams refer customers to documentation to answer specific questions after they have purchased the product. And development teams may refer to the documentation to learn how a previous feature worked that may have been developed by another engineer.

  5.  You get a communications expert.

We provide knowledge of the most effective methods for communicating with customers. Technical writing can be in the form of a searchable online help document, a downloadable PDF file, a knowledgebase, or a printed manual. Regardless, your technical writing services team will be able to develop documentation that communicates to your clients and customers effectively.

  6.  You can try out our services for smaller projects before committing to larger ones.

Start with a small  project such as a how-to guide or installation document, and let us show you how effective our services can be to your organization. This provides you with the opportunity to see tangible results of what we can accomplish for your organization prior to making a longer term commitment.

  7.  You get a team of passionate people.

When you partner with Write Life Publications, you get a team of people that actually want to work on your documentation, not just people sitting at a desk waiting to collect a paycheck. Technical writing is our core business, and we go the extra mile to make sure every deliverable exceeds your expectations.

If you’re thinking there must be an easier way to get this done… well, there is!

Contact us today!

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